All you need to know about our selection process!

Application deadlines for the 2025 intake:

Applications for September 2025 intake are already open. You can apply now by clicking on this LINK

Eligibility requirements

Only ONE joint application for 5 Business Schools

Only ONE interview to all schools you are shortlisted to

To be eligible, an applicant must have an international academic background: 

  • Hold a minimum three-year degree diploma (Bachelor’s, Licence, Benke, etc.) awarded by a nationally accredited higher education institution outside of France
  • Applicants in their final year of study may submit an application as long as they provide valid proof of enrollment.
  • Join a School in France admission process only takes into account non-French diplomas.

Please note that admitted applicants must provide their official diploma (at least 3 years of undergraduate studies like Bachelor, Benke, Licence) to the member School before December 31st of the intake year.

Important: applicants must certify that all information and documents provided are accurate and must agree that diplomas and certifications can be subject to verification by HEC Paris, ESCP Business School, emlyon business school, SKEMA Business School and Audencia Business School or a third-party certifier.


We want to remind you that choosing to apply directly to member schools (their direct application portals) or using our platform, Join a School in France is an equivalent choice. Both methods are treated equally and fairly. However, with Join a School in France, you gain the added benefit of applying to five schools with ONE application.

We further clarify that pursuing a dual approach of applying through us and directly will not enhance your chances of acceptance

Application requirements

List of documents

The application is entirely online. Once you create an online application, you can save it and come back to it later. You will automatically receive an application number once you have completed your online application. This application number is essential for the selection process.

You will have to upload the following documents to your application (in French or English):

  • Academic transcript (Licence, Bachelor, Benke, etc.)
  • Diploma or certificate of school enrollment
  • Management test (GMAT / GMAT Focus / GRE / Shorter GRE / TAGE MAGE / CAT)
  • English test (TOEIC / IELTS / TOEFL / Cambridge)
  • 2 letters of recommendation (academic or professional)
  • ID / headshot photo
  • Resumé (CV)
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • A valid proof of payment of the Join a School in France application fee HERE
IMPORTANT: The documents  are meticulously verified by our team (GMAT, GRE, TAGE MAGE, etc.).

Detailed information on the documents

Here are some required documents that you have to upload to your application:

Management test

To begin with, you have to select the Management test you want to take. You have the choice between GMAT, GRE and TAGE MAGE. The CAT is also accepted in India.

Image 1 - Management Tests

The next step is to take the test : GMAT / GRE / TAGE MAGE

The delivery of score reports can take several days. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to anticpate way before our applications’ deadlines. 

**All scores are verified by the schools and the Join School in france team.


It is mandatory to select Join a School in France as one of the recipients of your GMAT Score ! 

IMPORTANT : The new GMAT Focus Edition  is now accepted for the Join a School in France application. To learn more about it, click here 

2/GRE :

It is mandatory to select Join a School in France: 1259 as one of the recipients of your GRE Score ! 


Make sure that your identification number and all other information are duely mentioned in your report. 

Preparation is key! You will find preparation documents for each test: GMAT / GRE / TAGE MAGE

English test

If English is the lanquage of instruction in your undergraduate studies or if you are an English native speaker, you do not need to take an English test. You will need to provide an offciial proof in both cases. 

Otherwise, you have the choice between the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge.

Please be sure to upload your official score before the deadline.

Letters of recommendation

You need to upload 2 letters of recommendation, which can either be academic or professional.

In cases where referees prefer not to share the letters directly with candidates, they can send them directly to our team at 

There is no strict format requirement for the LoRs; however, they should include the referees’ contact information, job positions, and affiliated institutions. 

Proof of payment

On this page, you will be able to pay your application fee (220€) to Join a School in France. Please ensure to enter your application number in the “Add a comment about your order” box.

You must also generate and upload the proof of payment to the rest of your application documents.

Essay questions

Motivation questions are important in the application process. Your answers  will  be carefully read by the Schools and jury members during your interview to assess your motivation and your professional project. Answers should be brief (500 characters each). You need to take time to thoroughly think about each answer.

Keep in mind that you can go ahead and start uploading your documents and then answer the questions later. We encourage you to upload each of your documents as soon as they are ready. 

Image 5 - Key dates


After applications have been reviewed by the member Schools, candidates will be informed whether or not they are invited to move on to the interview stage.

Applicants will receive an email from Join a School in France with links to each of the School’s websites where they will be posting admissibility results. Applicants must check each webpage for their admissibility results.

Interview invitation

Applicants that are eligible for at least one member School will be invited to an interview. Applicants who are eligible for more than one School will be invited to a single interview on behalf of all Schools. Date and time of this interview will be specified in the official invitation sent by email by Join a School in France.

Interview centres

Interviews take place worldwide in one of the Join a School in France partner centres, or remotely as a last resort. Applicants must designate the location where they would like to have their interview while completing their online application. If it is not possible to open the chosen interview centre, Join a School in France will contact the applicant with alternative options.

Under certain circumstances, Join a School in France may open a new interview centre. Applicants must inform the Join a School in France admissions team via email before the application deadline should they wish to change their interview centre.

To get more information about interview dates and centres, please click here.

Interview process

The interview lasts 20 to 30 minutes and is conducted in English.

There is no standard interview. The interview committee can be composed of member School alumni, representatives from the business community or diplomatic personnel. The committee evaluates the applicant’s motivation and personality. Argumentation skills are also assessed.

During the interview, the applicant must have a valid ID card.

_0001_Photo 6 - Interview
_0000_Photo 7 - Interview

Admission results

After the interview, each School will decide whether the applicant is admitted or not. Just like the interview eligibility, the list of admitted applicants will be published on the website of each School. A few days before the verdict is announced, the Join a School in France team will send out an email with links to the Schools’ websites where the applicant will find their admission results.

And now is your turn to choose your dream School!