10 tips for preparing your Master’s in Management application

To avoid nail-biting anxiety and nervous sweats in the final days before your application deadline, here are 10 tips to prepare for each step of the application process.

Beware that the process can take up to 2 months!

Start your online application

Make sure to verify the application deadlines, so you can select the round that is most convenient for you.

Select the city where you would like to do your interview. You can see the full list of our centres in the application. Under certain circumstances, Join a School in France may open a new interview centre.

Sign up for your written test and English test

Written test options: GMAT, GRE, TAGE MAGE or CAT
English test options: IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL or Cambridge

If your undergraduate studies were taught in English or if you are an English native speaker, you do not need to take an English test but you must upload a proof.

Do some test prep so you can feel confident on the day of your exam: GMAT / GRE / TAGE MAGE

Take your written test at least 1 month before the application deadline as we require official score reports for all written tests.

Answer the motivation questions

Spend some time reflecting on the essay questions and then develop your answers thoroughly, while keeping in mind that there is a 500 character limit for each question.

Upload your documents

Request your letters of recommendation well in advance, so your referent has plenty of time to write thoughtful things about you.

We accept academic and professional letters of recommendation.

We only accept documents in English and French. If your documents are not available in English or French, you must have them officially translated by a notary.

Pay the application fee

After you pay the application fee, save a copy of the receipt to upload to your online application as proof of payment.

…and once you complete all of these steps… You are finished! You did it!