Master in Management – SKEMA BS

Skema is a global business school which, through its research and teaching, trains and educates the talented individuals businesses require in the current competitive environment. At Skema we have created resources to deliver educational programmes perfectly suited to the global economic environment. We train adaptable and talented managers who can make a valuable contribution to economic and societal performance while delivering sustainable outcomes. Our graduates can expand the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. They are at ease working in environments that are multicultural and socially diverse. Our international structure with sites in Asia, Europe and America, enables us to remain in tune with the global business environment and the world of international higher education. Your success in a world of opportunities lies at the core of the Skema development strategy.

Key information

Language of instruction: English
Length: 2 or 3 years
Degree: MSc (Master of Science) in Management Grande École
Tuition fee: €24,000
Location: Espl. Mona Lisa, 92400 Courbevoie

  • Proficiency in English
  • Being under 30 years old
  • Holding a degree obtained outside France after at least 3 years of higher education (Licence, Bachelor, Benke…)
Master program

SKEMA's Master in Management, Grande Ecole programme is based on the following:

Management in the knowledge economy, with coordinated delivery of specific courses and subjects.

A flexible semester- and module-based structure, enabling you to customise your learning path from an enormous range of choices: academic exchange, experience in a company, international programme, choice of campuses, the option to choose a dual skill profile from the first year (e.g. law, accounting, economics, etc.).  

A choice of campuses from the second year: Sophia Antipolis, Lille, Paris, China, USA or Brazil.

A variety of innovative teaching and learning methods: inter- and cross-disciplinary projects based on issues from the knowledge economy and targeted, appropriate use of "learning by doing", e-learning and m-learning teaching methods.  

An international profile, with a programme that enables students to change and adapt to the world of international business, the option to attend courses delivered in English from the second year (M1), and the opportunity for immersion in our campuses abroad (with optional professional experience) and/or an international university exchange.  

Strong emphasis on professional experience, to make sure that our students obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to make a successful start to their careers. The students have the opportunity to work for 12 to 24 months in France or abroad. This means that each student is required to make choices. Each student’s success in entering the world of work depends, to a large extent, on his/her qualities and personality.  

FIRST YEAR ("M1" year)

Management fundamentals consolidation and international mobility (Global Track)

Students reach an advanced level in each main subject (marketing, finance, management, strategy ...) and prepare for their future specialisations. Students may also choose elective courses to individualise their course as well as doing SKEMA DNA courses.
At the end of this year, students may do an optional internship.

For AST2 students or those admitted via the international entrance processes in the M1 year, two options are available in M1:
  • For students who have previously completed management training courses (marketing, finance, management, economics and management, etc.), an Advanced Business Management semester (on a French campus) may be undertaken followed by a Global Business Environment semester (on the globalised economy) done on our non-French campuses. Students may also choose an in-company semester (in France or abroad).
  • For students who have previously completed a training course in disciplines other than management (law, science, literature, etc.), an Introduction to Business Management semester is undertaken (on a French campus) and an Advanced Business Management semester is undertaken (on all SKEMA campuses).
For AST2 students or those admitted via the international entrance processes in the M1 year may also apply to two-year double degrees programmes in Lille: International Financial Analysis, Business Law, Accounting-Control-Audit.
Students may also choose to do a two-year internship (Lille or Paris).

In-company year

The in-company year is optional between the first/M1 and second/M2 years. It allows students to gain work experience in business through two internships of six months each (or more than six months if the internship is done abroad). This makes them immediately operational at the end of their studies. The mission provides students with skills acquisition and the professional approach for success as a graduate.

Students may carry out, in lieu of professional experience, a personal project (under conditions).
SECOND YEAR ("M2" year)

Specialisation and integration to the world of work.

During the second year, students acquire a specialisation. This final-year specialisation and internship are key to employability.

This year’s teaching and content is entirely in English as part of an MSc (for students enrolled in the “3rd Cycle” programmes and Specialised Masters, teaching is also carried out in French).

Students may do this year on any of SKEMA’s campuses worldwide (one semester or one year), in academic exchange (one semester or one year), as a double degree (“Master 2” with our partners) or in apprenticeship (all French campuses ).

Choice of course

Access to the various choices and courses and specialisation options is done through an allocation process, requiring, where necessary, appropriate selection according to availability.

  1. Start an online application
  2. Upload your documents
  • Transcript of records
  • Diploma or school certificate
  • Written test (Tage Mage/ GMAT/ GRE)
  • English test (TOEIC/ IELTS/ TOEFL)
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • ID photo
  • Résumé (CV)
  • ID card
By applying through Join a School in France, you apply to Skema BS but also to 4 other schools (HEC Paris, emlyon BS, ESCP Europe, Audencia BS). Finally, you choose the school you wish to attend. Thus, you increase your chances of being selected.
Career opportunities

85% of graduates of the Master in Management are employed 3 months after their graduation. 30% are employed by a company outside of France.
The Master in Management prepare students for the following professions:
  • Sales – Business engineering : 19%
  • Marketing : 17%
  • Administration, Finance, Accounting :  12%
  • Supply – Purchasing : 11%
  • Consulting : 10%
  • Audit : 8%
  • Communication: 5%
  • Human Resources : 3%
  • Head Office : 3%

Partner companies
  • LVMH
  • L’Oréal
  • Danone
  • Decathlon
  • Valeo
  • Accor Hotels
  • Hermes
  • BNP Paribas
  • Société générale
  • JC Decaux
  • Accenture
  • Mazars