Postgraduate program in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management

This program allows students to:
  • Acquire high-level expertise in the management of fashion, luxury, fragrance and cosmetics, design and lifestyle (as well as other industries with high creative added value)
  • Master management skills and develop a culture of creation
  • Develop conceptual knowledge and operational skills
  • Prepare for a solid career
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Key information

Language of instruction: French
Length: 16 months
Degree: Management Diploma in Fashion and Luxury, level 1 with the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles), validated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research
Tuition fee: €12,500
Prerequisites: 5-year graduate level or a 4-year graduate level with 3 years of professional experience (internships not included)
Location: 36 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris


The program is organized in two parts: The first ten months of the course are dedicated to teaching, case studies and a dissertation. The course ends with a 3- up to 6-month internship in a company. The program includes classes given by IFM professors, contributions from high-level professionals, tours of company, workshops and several study trips in France or abroad.
1st semester
  • Introduction courses
  • Courses are structured around five main themes:
    • Culture: Fashion/ Luxury/ Perfume/ Design/ Architecture/ Gastronomy/ Art
    • Creation: Creative process/ Creative management
    • Marketing: Brand & Communication/ Products/ Distribution
    • Management: Control/ Budget/ Finance/ Strategy
    • Entrepreneurship
2nd semester
  • Specialization
    • Study of professions (Supply management, Retail & Merchandising, Media & Communication)
    • Or Study of sectors (Perfumes & Cosmetics, Design & Lifestyle)
  • Workshops
    • Live case study of companies
    • Management and creation workshops
    • Creativity workshops
  • Elective courses
1st and 2nd semesters (simultaneously)
  • Study trips and tours of companies
    • Four study trips (London, Milan, Barcelona or Belin)
    • Sandwich courses and professional meetings
    • Tours of factories and workshops in France and Belgium
  • Postgraduate thesis
3rd semester
  • 6-month internship in a company
Career Opportunities

  • Fashion and Luxury: Textile / Garment / Leather / Footwear / Jewelry / Sportswear
  • Fragrance and Cosmetics: Beauty and care
  • Design and Lifestyle: Design / Furniture / Tableware / Linen

  • Product development and supply management: Product development / Purchasing / Merchandising
  • Distribution: Retail / E-commerce / Wholesale
  • Brand management and communication: Image / Visual merchandising / Digital / Media-Press
  • Entrepreneurship
Partner companies

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