Tips for Preparing your MiM Application

"Hello, my name is Mehtap. I am here to help you during your application.
Below yo
u will find some tips that I think may be helpful to share with you..."


Steps to complete your application:

  1. Start your online application
  2. Reserve dates for your written test and English level test
  3. Answer your motivation questions
  4. Upload your documents
  5. Pay the application fee

1. Start your online application

  • Start your application by filling in each field with the corresponding information
  • Fill in each field with the corresponding information
    • Select a session 
      • Click here to verify the session dates, so you can select the session that is most convenient for you
    • Select an interview center
      • Have in mind some major cities where you would like to have your interview. You can confirm that we have an available center in a city by finding it in the “interview place” drop-down menu

2. Sign up for your written test and English test
  • Sign up for the IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, or Cambridge
    • If your undergraduate studies were taught in English, you do not need to take and English test
  • Sign up for the GMAT, GRE, TAGE-MAGE or CAT
    • We recommend you take your written test at least 1 month before your application deadline
  • Do some test prep so you can feel confident on the day of your exam!

Candidates taking the GMAT must sign up directly on the website and transfer their official scores through GMAC to Service des Admissions Internationales. The Join a School in France code is: D14-M2-03. When you get your test taker copy, please upload it, and we will replace it with the official copy before the deadline.
Candidates taking the TAGE-MAGE will need to obtain an application number by creating an application on the Join a School in France website before applying for the TAGE MAGE test. This application number will then allow the applicant to log onto the TAGE MAGE website. Official score reports must be uploaded to the online application before the deadline. Please inform us of the date you will take the exam by email, so that we can get the official scores from the FNEGE.

Candidates taking the GRE must sign up directly on the ETS website, The applicant must request for his official GRE score report to be sent to at least one of the Join a school in France member schools before the deadline as well as upload his Examinee Score Report to the appropriate field in his online application.
The following is the list of the member schools’ GRE codes:
emlyon business school : 0761
ESCP Europe : 1387
HEC Paris : 3623
Skema Business School: 8347
Audencia Business School : 5489

3. Respond to the motivation questions
  • Spend some time reflecting on the questions and then develop your answers thoroughly
  • Keeping in mind that there is a 500 character limit for each question
4. Upload your documents
  • Upload the following documents to your online application before your application deadline:
    • Academic Transcript
    • Diploma (School certificate if you have graduated yet)
    • Written test score report
    • English test score report (If your undergraduate studies were taught in English, you may provide proof of this instead of an English test score report)
    • 2 letters of recommendation
      • The schools prefer that these both be academic, but we will also accept one academic and on professional
      • Request your letters in advance!
    • ID photo
    • Résumé (CV)
    • Passport or national identity card
  • We only accept documents in English or in French. If your documents are not available in English or French, you must have them officially translated by a notary.

Pay the application fee, and upload a copy of the receipt to your online application.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

5. Pay the application fee