Master manager-developer fashion and garment product 

This 2- up to 3-year Master allows students to learn in the field of garment products development and manufacture.
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Key information

Language of instruction: French
Length: 2 or 3 years
Degree: level 1 with the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles), Master Degree
Tuition fees:
  • 1st year: €4,900
  • 2nd year: €7,000 (tuition free for sandwich course)
  • 3rd year: €5,600 (tuition free for sandwich course)
  • 2 years of higher education (for the 1st year)/ 3 years of higher education (for the 2nd year)
  • Being fluent in French (C1 level)
  • Being fluent in English
Location: 8 Avenue de la Porte de Champerret, 75017 Paris

Master program

Year 1
  • Culture: Fashion and trend, Philosophy and Fashion, Expression management, Business and personal ethic, Economic environment
  • Business module: Workshops, Design office, Computer training, Marketing, Project and product management
Year 2
  • Specialization: Warp and Weft (full-time) or Knit (sandwich course)*
  • An internship (a minimum of 8 weeks)**
  • Courses: Product technology (design, development and production processes)
  • Pedagogical project of a mini-company
Year 3
  • Sandwich course for all students***
  • Product management
  • Fundamental education
  • Final year project
  • Optional (Accessories, Knit, Lingerie-Corsetry, Corporate Social Security)
* Sandwich course: 3 weeks in a company/ 1 week in school
** Only for full-time students
*** Apprenticeship training or professionalization contract (the student is paid by the company) or tuition fee of €5,600 for students with internship agreement


Enrollment in this Master program can be done in the 1st year for students with a BTS (French Technician Certificate) in Fashion, or directly into the 2nd year for students with a 3-year degree or a 2-year degree and 3 years of professional experience in the Fashion industry.  
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Career opportunities

Graduates enter directly the labor market.
Here are some examples:
  • Collection manager
  • Production manager
  • Purchaser
  • Quality manager
  • Fashion and garment product manager
Partner companies

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